Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019: Honey or Blood?

Who’s up for a Thursday game?

Nixymachus wanted to play Honey Heist at some point, and if that isn’t happening, I’ve been asked to run something from Blood Brothers 2, a movie-themed CoC compilation which is supposed to be pretty good.

What say ye? Who’s in?

Consider me interested. Though I have played neither before


Interested, not 100% sure if I can make it though

Interested, but I might be stuck at work again

Im also in. But not sure if Ill be able to come.

Well, let me know sometime today, please. Would have to shift to something different if you’re not there.

I’ll be there… what should we prepare? Or prebear in case of Honey Heist?


Extensive bribes.

Paper, pencil & percentile dice also won’t hurt.

See you tomorrow!

At 19:00?

I won’t be coming after all. Sorry and have fun!


Since we haven’t heard from nixy, we’ll have to postpone Honey Heist. The watchword tonight is … blood!

See you at Spielbar!

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So how many players do we have today @H?

I count four if everyone gets off work on time…

Then I hope I will not ruin it if I dont show up today? Im not feeling so good.

I would understand it if you felt bad afterwards

When is this happening?

Today 19:00 at Spielbar

Will it be if I am abit late ?

We won’t go insane if we have to wait a bit…