Thursday Night Spielbar Game (Except Maybe not on Thursday and Maybe not at Spielbar): Another Music Game

Now that covid numbers are down and quite a few of us have gotten our shots, how does everybody feel about meeting up for a game? Perhaps distanced-ly in a park? Perhaps on a weekend?

And now that guitar music is officially back - finally! - how about another music game to kick things off? Those always seem pretty popular.

A while back, S_journ ran a fantastic evening of Ümläut, a humorous game about rival bands. And that got me thinking: what if we played a similar game, except with a serious tone, and instead of dealing with conflicts between different bands, the players were all members of the same group, with different, occasionally conflicting personalities, and different creative agendas?

This will be a game for exactly four players. Two spots still open.

Character classes are:

  • Lead Guitar
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums

Yes, this will be based on a real band that produced some awesome music while not always seeing eye to eye. You may know some of their songs …

Let me know if you’re interested!

You’ve conquered the dungeons. You laugh at tombs. But do you dare brave the perils of … the recording studio?

Let’s lay down some sick tunes

(as long as that remains in game)

reminds me that I still need to dm Starchildren: the Velvet Generation^^

I am in … it’s been a long way

I’m in, but surely not this week (I’m just moving to a new flat)


All musical parts will be larped, obviously. :b

Oh, great. Nothing like DMing for someone who knows ten times as much about a subject as I do. I run CoC for a historian and it’s all “Actually, in those days knife handles were …”

(I’m kidding. Always a pleasure, Darth.)

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Well, considering that I haven’t actually figured out a system yet, that gives me some welcome time to get my act together. Good luck with the move. Always fun times.

What say ye to the following weekend?

In any case … looks like we have a band. Fab!

Bring your own instruments and make it happen!

The most relatable thing I have read today :stuck_out_tongue:

btw here is an explanation how the cowbell got into the Blue Öyster Cult song
-> link

@H Any spots still open? If so, I’m in, otherwise consider me a backup :wink:

Not to worry, you’re in. See you!

One guitar larping is coming up!

9th and 11th of July will surely work for me, on the 10th (Saturday) I’ve another program.

sunday 11th would work (9th doesn’t)

:+1: I am hyped

Yup, that is exactly the band I had in mind …

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Any day on this weekend works for me.

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Was able to free up some time on Sunday, so the 11th it is! PMs incoming re time & location.

Also, just so that everybody knows what to expect, there may be a player vs player element to this game, as with the original Ümläut. (Hopefully of th interesting variety.) Also, this whle thing is a bit of an experiment. Temper expectations accordingly.

See you!

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