Thursday Night Open Table Game (2020-10-08)

Hello there,

Lets see if we can organize a new Thursday game.

When : 8.10.2020, 19:30
Where : Online via discord

Does anybody want to run anything?

We have started a thread to collect low-preparation and GM-less games. If we have no specific game, we can run one of those.

See you on Thursday!

Sadly, Thursdays will be difficult for me this year. I’ll try and put in a cameo or two at some point, and perhaps we can put something together on a Tuesday or Wednesday occasionally. Until then, have a blast, and don’t forget to check for traps!

@H sad to hear, but feel free to jump in, whenever you have time/interest!

Sadly today seems to be a veeery long day for me so I can’t make it tonight.
However, I try to prepare something for next week…

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