Thursday Night Open Table Game (2020-10-01)

Hello there,

Lets see if we can organize a new Thursday game.

When : 1.10.2020, 19:30
Where : Online via discord

Does anybody want to run anything?

I’ve a Maze Rats game I can offer, but I’m also up to play something else.

See you on Thursday!

I’m in. Could you please post a few things about Maze Rats (what kind of game it is, how many players are preferred and so on)?

Sure, no problem.

So, some quick points about Maze Rats:

  • In short, it’s a rules light fantasy game for about 3-5 players.
  • It’s an OSR game. Which in short means it’s very rules light and draws inspiration from the early editions of D&D.
  • Characters can be created very quickly, which is necessary as they also might die very quickly.
  • Quote from the rules: “Combat in Maze Rats is neither balanced nor fair”. So if you encounter an Ogre, don’t assume you can defeat it by force (since the game isn’t balanced), rather maybe try to push the ogre over the cliff (this is the not fair part).
  • The game has an interesting magic system (this is why I originally found it). Basically the rules setup the name of a spell and the GM and player have to figure out what the spell does. You can try this online spell generator, that someone wrote.
  • If you’re particularly motivated, the creator of Maze Rats has posted a video about the rules and a video about character creation.

Sounds interesting I like to join

I’m also in. :ok_hand:

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