Thursday night one shot at Spilebar

Hello everyone!

Once upon a time when those meetups were more common I created a system specifically to run it at Spielbar. That system has since developed, as have we all. Became more complicated in some places and simpler in others.

Here’s the deal: if I find 3 - 5 players I’d like to run a tested one shot on thursday. And by tested I mean everything went horribly wrong last time around.
There is a slight buy-in, Here you can find the rules. Read the first page and skim the rest. I’ll bring pregens but if you come with a cool character idea that’s even better.

Genre: (low-)Fantasy, early medieval setting. Vikings, warlords, traders and mystics and all that.

So who’s interested?

Hey man, I’m a little confused. Are you in north america and want to play at around 22:00 or 10:00 in the evening our time or or do you want to play GMT (-07:00) which from my understanding means 5:00 morning our time? Also do you live in North america or europe?

Fair, I might have gotten something wrong with the date/time. Although it does show correctly on my end?
I mean thursday 7th, 19:00 in Vienna, Austria

Ah makes sense. Thanks for the clarification man, sadly though I cannot attend on thursday.

After a quick perusing, this system does seem quite interesting, and 19:00 should be doable for me this week.

I think I’ve found an interesting Character concept.

So yeah in conclusion: If it happens, I’ll be there.

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Thanks, I appreciate it :smile:

Let’s see, hopefully we can get 2 more people. otherwise I’ll call it off tomorrow afternoon

I’m interested (if the event is still on), but only this Thursday works for me.

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Unfortunately there’s not enough interest, so I’m calling it off. I’m not even sure I have the energy for it, it’s been on of those days.

Many thanks to those who did reply, there’ll be other chances :slight_smile:

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