Thursday Night (21.11, 19:30 Spielbar) Heist game

After the highly successful (and fun) barbarian-only one-shot session, here’s a rouge-only one.

Have you ever played a rouge in D&D and wanted to solve problems in a sneaky way, but you had no chance due to your “unprofessional” (e.g. non-sneaky) team? Have you ever considered, in which situation could you ever use the standard D&D items (10 foot poles, ropes, caltrops, lamp oil)? Have you ever longed for a game with cunning planning, sharp execution (and in case of failing the latter, an exciting chase)? Do you love some of the heist movies like the Ocean’s series, Mission Impossible, Kelly’s heroes, Italian Job,et.?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above (or simply you have nothing better to do on Thursday night), then you should definitely join to us this week’s Heist one-shot game!

During this game, you and your crook fellows in the early 1950’s US will form a team to organize and execute a cunning and exciting job - in a “rouges only” way. As for the system, I intend to use 1920’s Chutulu as a base (but if you have no previos knowledge, don’t worry - everything will be explained on the spot!).

The game should take place on the 21.11.2019 form 19:30 in Spielbar.

Anyone interested?

Sounds fun, see you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me. Will definitely be there :slight_smile:

Looks interesting. I’ll come.

Mist likely in:)

Assuming I finish the things I need to take care of today, I’m in.


I’ve forgotten to mention, the game uses d6s and d100 (or 2 d10s), but if you happen to have none with you, I will bring some.

Our “usual” table at the back is reserved, so see you soon!

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