Thursday May 17th -SpielBar

Thursday is coming, anyone interested in running/playing something?

not promising anything, but i might be there and run my “Dark Watch” DnD 5e one shot (or maybe the “Mad Dragon’s Gamehall” once more, not sure yet)

Yas, I’ll be there.

I have time to show up again finally
I have a bunch of oneshot I could dm

including all time spielbar classics like:
a roman-themed dungeoncrawl with D&D5 rules
a shadowrun oneshot (with simplifed rules)
a star wars oneshot (using the FFG ruleset)

all adventures include pregenerated characters
see you :slight_smile:

if someone else has an adventure he really likes to dm
I would be glad to join as well ^^
(Dark Watch sounds promising :+1: )

see you

I’m pretty sure that 5.30 is too early for most.

I’m intrigued by a Roman themed dungeoncrawl.

I should be there, although at the usual 7/7:30.

I’ll be there!

Yeah i will try to show up around 7pm.

Whoops, I failed my “Knowledge (clock)” check - of course, I meant 19:30.

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I‘ll show up the usual time!

Count me in :slight_smile:

So, i can now declare i’m definitly coming and bringing my ‘Dark Watch’ one shot, in case anybody wants to bring their own character: dnd 5e, pointbuy, level 3 (no homebrew, no UA, preferable PHB only, but if there is something from SCAG, VGtM or XGE you just have to try, go for it), for all others i bring a wide selection (16) of pregen characters (the ones WOTC hands out on their home page as I’m a lazy bastard :stuck_out_tongue: )

Little info about the one shot, it’s a classical dungeon crawl style thingie

I will probably come.

I’ll be there around 7.
Looks like a lot of people joining today. :smiley:
We’re lucky that there’s no shortage of people willing to DM.

Hi all, I recently moved here from Australia and I’ve been wanted to try D&D (or another system for years). I‘ll see if I can make it tonight.

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Unfortunately I can’t make it tonight. Have fun.

i will join today at 7

So much fun! Thanks darthbinks for an excellent game, my ringtone has been the Xena theme for ages so I was living the dream.

thanks :slight_smile:

Your group got the final treasure and so:

The Birthday Party:
Points: 196
Special: they cracked the Jackpot, but they killed their own cleric

… the other groups got …

GJsoft (fighter), -H- (warlock), KauraKuitu (rogue):
Points: 212
Special: gueststar darthkiwi; solved it with pure luck, but kudos nevertheless!!! Congrats!!!

Alrik (rogue), Dominik (fighter), Simon (warlock):
Points: 94
Special: Solved all the rooms; had the most epic ending possible

Auburney (rogue), Chylli (fighter), Hildi (warlock):
Points: 151
Special: Had a romance subplot as a sidequest at the end^^

DoomCarrot (warlock), GodKingTom (fighter), Ulex (rogue):
Points: 149
Special: DoomCarrot cracked the Jackpot twice … kinda :slight_smile:

The 5th Year anniversary group:
Points: 20
Special: they also went for the most epic ending; one player even lost two characters

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