Thursday May 10th - SpielBar

This day is a holiday, so I’m not sure if many people are interested or not.

In case enough are interested we could even meet earlier (they open at 5pm) and start with board games, because Simon has to work and will only make it at the usual time.

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I’ll be there :+1:

I will likely be there as well.

I should turn up but probably not before 7.

I should be there, but only at the usual time

Hi i am Peter is there a Chance to join? I am looking for a Party would Be verry interrested

Thanks Peter

thursdays are open game nights basically … a deluge of oneshots in almost as many different systems is run and everybody is welcome to join :slight_smile:

I can come at 5 pm, but have to leave somewhat after 7pm, so count me in the board game session.

i think i’ll be there, probably at around 7pm

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i will join

FYI, board game wise we’ll have Catan and I’ll bring Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity.

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Hello everyone…My name is Milan and i come from Serbia.Im 22 and im new to this site i moved to vienna like a year ago and have been searching for a place like this for some time…im not experienced board gamer but i played some risk and monopoly…I would like to try d&d i was watching lots of videos of it and i think i understand the basis of the game…Im a pc rpg gamer so i believe ill grasp it pretty quickly…any campaigns running now where i could join or is anyone planning on starting a new one?I would like to come tonight and meet up with people if not dnd i can join in whichever game just socializing ^.^…

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Whoa lots of people coming, I’m gonna swing by as well, tho I don’t think I’ll be there before 7pm.

No Exploding Kittens, no idea where I put my copy, but I’m bringing a Rick and Morty card game instead.

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i think im gonna show up around 7 aswell

I think I’ll be there around 7 aswell!

I will come too, probably around 7:30 pm. I also could run a game.

Will not make it tonight, unfortunately. Have fun guys!

@gridshadow thanks for the ‘not-star-wars’ ‘spy-vs-spy-vs-spy- …’ game :smiley:

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Yes. That was fun!