Thursday, June 29, Spielbar 7:30pm - Open Gaming Night

Hi folks!

I’ll actually make it this week, so thought I would start off the thread. Anyone have something to run this week?

I’ll be there… I don’t have anything ready but, at worst; I can always improvise something…

I should be there.

I may have something I could run if necessary but not sure.

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I’ll come.

I should be there too.

I can also run something if nobody else wants to, I have a silly game in mind using the Roll For Shoes micro system.

If you want to run something then thats fine. I have an idea/game if necessary.

Not particularly, I’d prefer to sit back and enjoy the game, just suggesting it as an option in case nobody else was in the mood to run things. Have to perpetuate the whole “Canadians are polite” stereotype, dontcha know.

I should have pretended I didn’t have anything planned!

Muhahaha, too late…

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