Thursday, July 20, 02017, Spielbar 7 pm (open gaming night)

Who’s in this week? Who’s out?

Still looking to try Murder of Mr. Crow if there are no other plans …

I’m in. Will you bring a hat?

I’ll be there

I’ll be there. Running a Star Wars game for the other table

I’m in for now. Right now we do NOT have an appointment to look for an apartment on Thursday evening. If that changes, I will promptly let you know.

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I’ll be there too!

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i might be there too, can’t promise yet, depends on how wasted i’m after work :smiley:

Hopefully I’ll be there

I’ll be there

Work has come in the way, unfortunately cannot make it tonight after all. Have fun!

Work stuff.
I’ll be late

going to help a friend on the construction site of his house today … not sure when or even if i’ll be there today

OK; head count: How many non-Star Wars people will be showing up today?

I’m afraid I won’t make it at all tonight, see you next time…

I’ll be there! Would love to play either game.

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