Thursday Game?

Are there any games on thursdays going on right now?
Cheers, Alex

If it doesn’t run too late I could join a Thursday this week. Are these open like the Friday sessions or a specific crew?

Greetings @Gargon and @healywp,

now you mention it, there will be one :slight_smile:

I can run a “Waagh! Da Orks” one-shot game (Warhammer40K based fun game, with space ork barbarian party) if you are interested (no previous knowledge required)

As for your question @healywp, these games are open just like the Friday sessions, but we tend to play usually other systems than D&D on Thursdays.

@cat4laugh, @irx, @Resil, are you interested in some “Waagh! Da Orks” game?

I sadly can’t come this time but I hope you have fun :slight_smile:

I would be up to join any game on Thursday

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Id be up for it

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Yay, Space-Orks again :smiley:
So, yes I’ve time

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Moar dakka sounds good! I am in.

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Nice, me and a friend are in :slight_smile: When do we start?

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The game will takes place on the 16th of January (this Thursday) from 19:30 at Spielbar (1080 Lederergasse 26)

See you there!

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Apologies but work has gone bananas, I will not be able to make it this evening

Coming 5-10mins late. Sorry!

If somebody is interested about the orky rules, you can check the rulebook-pdf here:

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