Thursday Game

Last week it did not happen, so maybe this time? Who wants to play, who would offer to GM something?
I could run Troika, a weird little game were you play things like a “badly made dwarf”, but I also open other game suggestions.

I should have time on Thursday. I’ve looked it up, and Troika looks like fun :smiley:
I also can offer a game of Dread, as a backup.

I’m in if this is happening.

With the current number of people, not really. Which is fine with me, to be honest, because I didn´t really found the time to prepare anything.

If there was one more player, I could run my Dread game.
But I also wouldn’t mind to run this another week.

I am a little tired, so I have nothing against skipping this week.

Oki Doki. See you next week!

Alright, see you next week.

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