Thursday Game Night - 05/04/2018

Hi folks,

Anyone going to be at Spielbar this week? I can probably make it, wanted to see if anyone would have a game going?

I am planning on being there

I think I will be there and maybe I will bring a friend.
I never GMed, but I could try to run “Lasers and Feelings”. Its a simple system with a cheesy star trek setting.

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Hello everyone,

I’m new in Vienna and looking for new friends that are into RPGs. I was wondering if this is the right place for it.


Hi Volvox, it is indeed the right place! This particular thread (and others like it, once every week) are for our open gaming nights, when whoever’s interested/has time/has nothing better to do can come along and play. We usually organise here so that we at least have one or two people ready to run a game and we know roughly how many people are coming. These evenings are a great way to get to know some of the people involved, and many campaign groups have been formed from Thursday evenings. We generally play one-shots, and all you need to bring is dice, pencils and paper (all of which are usually freely available from others in the group, if you are unable to bring them yourself). Hope to see you there!

Thank you for your quick response. If that is the case I would be glad to join you. I would be able to bring paper and pencils but I dont have dice with me so I wonder if a digital dice app would be good enough.

Where do you usually gather (address would come in handy)?

Lederergasse 26 at a place called “Spielbar” (, people usually arrive between 19:00 and 20:00. Dont worry about dice, normally we have enough for everyone. Welcome to the madness!

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I’m joining as well. I’ll be there around 19h(ish).

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Welcome! See you guys tomorrow!

I will be there tonight. Looking forward to some gaming.

I may bring a friend from work along. Are we going to need two games? I’m not really feeling up to running a game, but if nobody else has anything to run I can figure out something for Roll For Shoes again.

I will also join today.

I need to just stop trying to make definite plans. Sorry, I won’t make it after all. Hopefully next week. Have fun everyone!

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Wow. That was fun. Thanks, @Simon. Someone tell me and @Philipp how it ended!!

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We burned down the bar and flew off, sparking a gang war but no one knew it was us. So happily ever after essencially.

Without context it sounds like it applies to Spielbar :joy:


oh so you haven´t read the news yet :D?

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Oh damn, sounds like it was a lot of fun xD

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Excellent end to a wild adventure!

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Hi everyone,
I just stumbled on this thread online and from what I could gather this seems to be a weekly event. Since im interested in joining I was wondering if it will be happening again this Thursday and if knowledge of the system being played is required?

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