Thursday, February 15th, Spielbar, Game Night

Hi folks,

I am optimistic of my ability to show up this week, so wanted to see who else might be there, and who might have something to run? I can run a game if it is so desired as well, though make no promises as to the results of such an endeavor.

I will be there, but only as a player.

Might. :slight_smile:

If I say I will definitely be there, that will guarantee that something will come up

I’ll be there, not sure if I’ll have anything to run.

I’ll be there tonight.

@OddlyEd if you happen to join to us tonight (I hope!), can you run a game which you’ve mentioned earlier?

Sadly, I don’t remember anymore about it’s name, but it had an unique system, contained “shoe” in its name somewhere and it was originated from a forum discussion.

I would be happy to run a game! The system is called Roll for Shoes. Please keep in mind, I only get to SpielBar around 8, so I apologise in advance to anyone stuck waiting for me. The game will be quite silly, both from my own predilections and the system lends itself to silliness particularly well. That is definitely part of the appeal for me. There will also be some Lovecraftiness involved.

A friend of mine will also join in tonight.

Great, means I don’t have to prepare anything today. Looking forward to rolling for shoes. And socks! And warm fuzzy mittens!

You can roll for whatever you like in this game, but that opens up the possibility for something going horribly wrong…

Isn’t that what we live for?

Possibly not for long

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Isn’t that what we die for?

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There we go!

I’m probably coming with a friend tonight as well :slight_smile: looking forward to some fun dnd worth dying for haha

i probably will be there too, if nobody has anything to run we can always try a round or 2 of ‘everyone is john’

I’ll definitely show up today too so count me in :slight_smile:

today was a great game for simple games :slight_smile:had loads of fun trying out ‘everyone is john’ with all of the people that decided to stay with me :smiley:

Goat to agree with that, it was tons of fun ^^

I am very happy to hear that both games involved goats, I consider that a good night of gaming!

Thank you very much to all three of my test subjects ahem players! I enjoyed it, and I hope it wasn’t too painful for y’all.