Thursday, Feb. 13: Open Game at Spielbar

Let’s get Thursdays rolling again!

Since this worked so well as a teaser last time (for reasons that remain mysterious), let’s try it again: I think I have a game.

Details tomorrow!

I’m in.

Don’t know what this is but I might definitely down for this Thursday if that’s when this takes place! I’m free for the moment, so I’m in!

I’m in.

I’m in…terested. Cannot commit yet, though.

So you haven’t worked it out yet - but because I’m so sure, it still will be great, I’ll be there!

I’ll be there, too. At what time do we start? Can I help prepare anything, printouts?

Blame irx & co. It’s not like anybody actually reads beyond “game,” anyway, so I decided to abbreviate.

But ok. This will be a little scenario set in the 1910s inspired by (a) a fictional interpretation of a factual event and (b) the weather. It’s horribly derivative, but I’m hoping nobody will notice. Maybe it’ll even lead somewhere interesting. We’ll be using Basic Role Playing / Call of Cthulhu, so please bring some percentile dice if you have 'em.

There will be seagulls.

See you tomorrow!

When does it start?
Also I’m very new player, is that okay? I’ve only played dnd 5e with some homebrew so far. I can come early for character creation if someone is willing to guide me.

A half dozen of these would be lovely. Thank you, sir!

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Sorry, forgot to mention: 7ish, Spielbar, Lederergasse 26. We’ll be the people with the funny-shaped dice.

New players are always more than welcome on Thursdays. We run a wide range of different systems, so we always assume that not everybody will know the rules, and explain everything beforehand. Tonight’s system will be very straightforward and intuitive. We’ll be making characters at the table, but this won’t take long. Lack of familiarity with the game will not be a disadvantage during play.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Great! Then will print out some character sheets and be there around 18:30 or so.

This being my first time there, to recognize me: 6’4" (hard to miss), middle-eastern look, wearing black and red half finger gloves and orange fox shirt that says “I give zero fox” :stuck_out_tongue: . So if you see me before I find the table, the name is Eddy, give me a sign.

Looking forward to meeting you all too!

I can bring printouts. Arga, I sat to your left last friday, am just a bit easier to miss at 6’3" so you’ll find us. Although I won’t be there much earlier than 1900 I think

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Oh that’s you! My favorite halforc <3, well thanks for taking care of the printouts, and seeing a familiar face should make me feel more at ease. Looking forward to see you again

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Mine, too!

But what kind of character was he playing? :b

Half Orc fighter :stuck_out_tongue:, duh. I was playing a 6HP level 1 Wizard, so he stuck around the (racist btw) squishy High Elf mage so he doesn’t get obliterated lmao


Hey, I can see your post, too, you know?

When would you meet there ?

Wait, what? Um, er … crud.

Summoning: A+

Invisibility: Needs work

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Show starts around 7. I’ll try to be there a bit early, but still have a couple things to do before heading out (including actually preparing the scenario).

See you then!