Thursday Dec 21st 2017 Spielbar 7pm


So who’s going to be there?

I plan on running a NWoD (or Chronicles of Darkness as it’s called nowadays) game focused on Vampire:the Requiem. I do have a dentist appointment before that, so i might be a bit late though.

My one shot is designed for 4-5 players, but i probably could squeeze in 1-2 more if the need arises.
I still have to prepare the characters for this, but i hope i’ll get that done today.

anybody else bringing a game? :smiley:


I will also be a bit late but then if a place still is available I would LOVE to play a requiem game.


I’ll be there, and I would like to play Vampire if you have space.


I’ll be there and I’m looking for Vampire game (and maybe a Malkavian character?)


there are no malkavians in V:tR those were part of V:tM (OWoD) … there is a bloodline Malkovian, but to simplify things i’m not doing bloodlines in the oneshot


It looks like I will actually make it this week as well (around 8 as usual). Seems to me like there may be too many people already playing Vampire for me to join in (sad face), if that’s the case I can run something silly for any others attending.


i count 3 so far, 4 if i include you … :smiley:


Was just thinking that there were more people interested on your previous post about this game, and since I tend to get there late others might sit down for the game before me. Just trying to be prepared. If I can get in on the game I’m happy, if there are too many people I offer my (admittedly limited) GMing services.


yep there was, but @Parsley did say she can’t make it on the 21st (in the other thread) and @Siobhan didn’t say anything in this thread yet, but even if i count @Siobhan it still would be only 5, which is the planned character amount :smiley:


Cool, happy to hear it!


Want to play. Can’t be there tomorrow. Maybe you’ll be kind enough to run it again sometime?


depends on how well i do tomorrow… haven’t run or played nwod in a while :smiley:
but if it goes at least decent i will do another session next year


I‘d like to join in if there is still space available.


counting you there’d be 5 players … pretty much all i’ve prepared for :smiley:

but i guess now that the group fills up it will be first come first play probably …


Won’t be able to make it, sadly, but I’m definitely in for the re-run.

Happy holidays to all the Thursday nighters, and safe travels to anybody heading home!


Alright, i’m here earlier than expected :sunglasses:


And I’m late. On my way though


well this was fun and pretty well received… so i’ll probably will run another one next year :slight_smile:


It was glorious ^^
Thank you all for the nice evening and the new typecasts I now will try to incorporate into a vampire game of my own xD



so your next vampire game will feature a nosferatu refusing to wear clothes from the waist down (except for pirate boots) and a mekhet that abhors clothes from the waist up? :smiley: