Thursday Dec 14th 2017, Spielbar 7pm

So, after the fun of last week we are back to a normal gaming night this week. Who is going to be there - or is everybody busy watching Star Wars instead?

I can finish the D&D game we started last week if people are likely to be around.

If there’s enough interest — and more importantly, enough interest among people still in town — I have another Shadowrun one-shot I can run. I had a blast with my party doing absolutely NOTHING the module had prepared for.

i’d love too … but can’t make it this time :frowning:

For the first time in a while, I probably won’t be able to make it - not because of star wars, but because of university on the next day and exams coming up :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m withdrawing my offer because I’m sick, and because there is no expressed interest to make me push past being sick. PHYSICALLY ill, that is (preventative specificity).

If there is the intention to finish the AD&D adventure from last thursday, I would be inclined to show up tonight and bring along Xeno Puddlehopper, the slightly annoying halfling rogue.

I would be willing - but I haven’t heard anything from the other players.

I will be there to help… i mean fight the polymorphs. :smiley:
But I’d be up for anything else too.

I will be at work tonight

Well, half the group from last week can make it - but haven’t heard anything from @Natalie or Eva.

Ok. Well looks like we won’t be continuing - Natalie and Eva can’t make it.

Could mean that there won’t be many people there this week anyway - I’ll still go, probably aiming for 7:30.

I’ll be there too

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