Thursday, August 9, 02018, Spielbar

Who’s in tomorrow?

If a brief break from 5th ed is desired, I could run a game about that other classic fantasy theme … music journalism! (Cue dramatic music.)

Any takers?

Keep cool!

EDIT: It’s just too fkn hot sry. I’ll visit a Thursday game once the temperatures are back to normal :triumph::sleepy:

I’ll try to be there, hopefully I can make it

I’ll be there.

Crud, I think I’ve scared everybody off with that bit about journalism. Um, lessee …

This game will be exactly like 5th edition (except that instead of facing goblins and owlbears, you’ll face, um, ABBA or something).

Yeah, let’s roll with that.

In any case, three players is probably the sweet spot for this anyway. See you tonight!


Also, if any superhero were to print out a couple of these, we might even roll some dice. Thank you.

Sorry, rather last minute but I’ll be there.

I wont make it in time unfortunately. Music journalism sounded like a very niche and interesting theme.

If I throw in some Timelords will that make it more mainstream?

We’ll be three, Scott and I are already here.

Three, but 23 in spirit …

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