Thursday at Spielbar April 26

Who‘s coming? Who‘s willing to GM? Let‘s get a headcount!!

one head here!

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Another head here.

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I would love to join you guys. I have never actually played but I am willing to learn!

Ill probably be able to come

I’d be in!

I will be trying to make it

I probably will be there.
The last (and first) time I GMed spontaneously, nobody did run away. So I could run somthing, if no one else will.

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im down but its my first time so i cant really prepare anything

@yamasan you are welcome to join us! No experience required. Those running games are helpful and we all like seeing new faces around the table.

unfortunately something got in between and i wont be able to join today, pretty busy week, sorry for the late clarification.
i hope you’ll have a blast !

Thanks to my players for the great game last night :smiley:

How did yours go @Simon?

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I fell in hole full of corpses of plaque victims and another player gave a sick little girls alcohol.
It was a fun game.


I had fun.
Hopefully my players did too.

The boss fight was really tough, but the players played really smart and did impressively well.

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