Thursday, April 4, 02019: Call of Cthulhu

By request: Call of Cthulhu

Now everybody make a sanity check …

Spielbar, 7:30, Thursday, April 4. Who’s in?



i am joining as well

I should be able to make it…


By the way, this might be a somewhat different take on Call of Cthulhu, if that’s all right with you. For one thing, it’ll be set in the 60s …

Heavy, man!

btw are we rolling characters or do u have pre gens?

We’ll be making characters at the table. I’ll be there around 7 for anybody who wants to get an early start.

By the way, no familiarity with the game necessary. Bring percentile dice and a couple d6s if you can; I’ll provide the character sheets.

Period dress optional.

See you on Thursday!

If it is not too late, I would like to join as well.

Unfortunately not going to make it

Sadly I can’t make it this time, have fun & be mad!

Hi! I would like to join too, but have zero experience. If that’s ok I’ll be happy to see you all

If there’s still space, I’ll join as well.

Not too late, no experience necessary, still space.

Seven players is a lot, though, and while I’m happy to run a game for a big group, that won’t make for a lot of screen time for each character. Perhaps two tables would be for the best - I have a feeling Simon could be talked into running something if we ask nicely. Thoughts?

See you tomorrow!

I’ll join the fun too :smiley:

I have the sick, so no game tonight…

Since there’s so many people already I’ll beg off. Simon might have infected me somehow since I’m also not feeling well. Have fun for me!

(Crossing Native Village off list of locations.)

Get well, guys!

Hello, is anyone in Spielbar already?

Addendum: Since Publius mentioned using his character again, anybody wishing to do so can add 1d6 points to any four skills you feel were important in this scenario. All health is restored, of course, although there’ll probably be some scars. No sanity is regained. Not all scars are physical.

Thanks again for playing! I’ll add a few notes on the game later in case anybody’s interested. See you next week!