Thursday 31 May - Spielbar

I’m not sure yet wether i will come, but it’s a holiday, so i probably will.

I put the start time earlier as usual because of the holiday, so it would be a good idea if you add the time you plan to arrive to your post :slight_smile:

I will be there most likely. Usual time for me, 7:00 or so.

Cool. I’ll be there at around 17:30 :slight_smile:

Whoops, need to cancel. Sorry and have fun.

I can make it again this week :slight_smile:
will be there at 5:30 p.m.

hey, I’m a complete newbie in this forum, not really sure how the weekly meetups at Spielbar work, can you just drop by? Or is there a closed group? And in case one can just come by, are there specific requirements for the characters (level, etc). My question isn’t only concerning tomorrow but in general…
thanks :slight_smile:

just drop by, preferable announce you’re coming in the thread related to the specific date

character requirements don’t really exist usualy (unless somebody announces something in the specific thread) as we are running a treasure trove of different systems that rather often nobody besides the dm knows (and sometimes even the dm only has heard about the system and thought it sounded neat :smiley:)

thanks for the quick reply, I’ll most likely show up (unless my social anxiety gets the better of me), just one more question, do you usually play one-shots at these weekly meet-ups or is it an ongoing story with new characters just getting introduced?

usually it’s one shots … there have been two shots i believe if the time wasn’t enough and the players and dm got back together to complete the story

there probably have been campaigns that started with these meetups too

i can make it, probably at about 19:00 as usual

Hopefully I’ll be there, but not before 7

Will also be able to make it. looking forward to it.

i will be there at 7

ok -> will show up at 7 too
see you :slight_smile:

I should be able drop by tonight for the first time in far too long. See you around 7!

if everyone is coming at 7, should I also be there at 7?

I’m there, but there won’t be a game befor 7 pm, more likely 8 pm :yum:


The “All-Hands-On-Deck” Group:
Points: 125
Special: quote: “after loosing both of my hands, I started to become careful.”

… the other groups got …

GJsoft (fighter), -H- (warlock), KauraKuitu (rogue):
Points: 212
Special: gueststar darthkiwi; solved it with pure luck, but kudos nevertheless!!! Congrats!!!

Alrik (rogue), Dominik (fighter), Simon (warlock):
Points: 94
Special: Solved all the rooms; had the most epic ending possible

Auburney (rogue), Chylli (fighter), Hildi (warlock):
Points: 151
Special: Had a romance subplot as a sidequest at the end^^

DoomCarrot (warlock), GodKingTom (fighter), Ulex (rogue):
Points: 149
Special: DoomCarrot cracked the Jackpot twice … kinda :slight_smile:

The 5th Year anniversary group:
Points: 11
Special: they also went for the most epic ending; one player even lost two characters

The Birthday Party:
Points: 200
Special: they cracked the Jackpot, but they killed their own cleric

The Dungeonslayers:
Points: 116
Special: they aggroed every monster they could find

hey 125 isn’t too bad, especially considering that our teamwork was based on ‘how to avoid being the one being screwed over’ :smiley:

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yeah… sorry for losing both my arms in literally the first room :joy: