Thursday 2nd November: Traveller/Orbital 2100/ Expanse?

Hi, like a wandering comet, I’m back. Would anyone be interested in playing another scenario in this setting. Different pregen characters (but the old ones are not forgotten) as Humanity starts to discover what lies at the edge of our Solar System…can accommodate 5 additional players.

I will do my best to be there this Thursday. Having already played, however, I am ok with giving my seat to someone who has not played yet.

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I will try to be there and would love to try it out!

I’ll be there

I’ll be there this week. Happily play Traveller if there is space.

You can decide how it compares to Alternity.

I pushed H for a while for a Traveller game, I’m looking for it! See you guys on Thursday!

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No problem. Plenty of room.

Well, sure. It is Traveller, after all.

Won’t make it this week - have fun, and catch you on the flip side!

I will probably actually be there today, is there still space? If not we can split into two groups, or if I’m just the one extra it’s not worth it.

I will NOT be able to be there tonight. So knock yourselves out.

I will be there. And I will make sure to look up what traveller is before :smiley:

I’ll most probably be there, and even bring a visitor :blush:

Looks like we may need two tables anyway.

I was hoping no one would notice that! (I only realised after posting)

Okay - I just came home from work guys and I am going to skip tonight, since I would be running rather late anyways. Have fun and sorry for the late notice!

I may run a bit late tonight, depends on public transport

And as always, I’ll be there at 8ish.

The DRV Far Horizon settled down for its long return to the Inner planets. Its comms array were disabled. Its reactor core was manually rigged to run off a spare wrist computer taken from a punctured suit and Initiate deacceleration burn as it passed through Jupiter’s orbit. The cryoberths had been set with manual timers. The disgraced CASS onboard computer ran its diagnostic routines although its command logs had remained empty for months but it was not allowed to talk to the rest of the ship. Not if the crew had anything to do with it. They slept. Yet they knew that they had, like Orpheus descended to Tartarus and returned. Meanwhile, behind them, Tartarus had changed its trajectory and was slowly moving towards the Inner System almost like a large slow dog following its master.

Ladies and gentlemen, you were brilliant players. My sincere thanks for a wonderful evening.


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Thanks again for the game, it was great!

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