Thursday 2nd augsut, ~7pm @spielbar

I’m not 100% sure yet that i’ll be there, but i thought i still could start the topic so it isn’t another last minute one :smiley:

if i’m there i would prefer to play, but will probably have something to run on me just in case

I have played 5 sessions of D&D and I’m hooked. Haven’t gone to any meet-ups so far, but I would love to participate! Anything I need to know?

the thursday games are not always D&D, but usually they are fun
the one thing you need to bring is an open mind and the will to have fun :slight_smile:
if you can bring something to write and maybe some dice to roll it won’t hurt

besides that, just announce in the thread that you’re planning on coming, if you want to run something as the dm, also write that in the thread :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! I’m planning on coming if I see in this thread that enough other people are interested. I would like to play since I don’t have that much experience DMing

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I’ll be there!

I’m coming as well

I’m inducting some guys and girls at my workplace into D&D this Thursday, so I cannot join this week, but I’m looking forward to the next AL session :slight_smile: At least I hope there are gonna be more? Last week was great! :smiley:

alright i’m commited to come and dm again this week, so i’ll probably bring another round of AL, so if any of you got any AL legal Tier1 (level 1-4) characters and want to play feel free to bring them, in any case i’ll again have a couple of premades on hand too

Yay, AL! Thanks :slight_smile:

Should be there this week. See you!

We will come again, 3 people.

Can someone please check if my char is AL legal?

looks AL legal to me

Thank you. :slight_smile:

once again, i’ll try to be there early (~6pm ish) in case anybody wants to build their own character and needs help, i’ll have an assortment of pregens of most classes on me (probably will be a bit light on spell casters, as i’m too lazy to write spellbooks/sheets for them :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m interested in playing a support / healer char, usually the quest goes a bit more smoothly with them.
Tho if it saves time I’d be perfectly happy with a pre-gen one.

I should be there tonight. May have something I can run as backup, but not sure.

Donnu if anyone will read - kinda late this - but I will join you guys today.

so i had a lot of fun, i hope everybody else had fun too, wether it was with Adventurer League or with blowing up space stuff (or as i know scott as a dm, being blown up by space stuff) :smiley:

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