Thursday 25th Jan Spielbar

Tomorrow. 7pm. Spielbar. RPGs. Exciting! Who’s coming? Who’s running? Any requests?

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I will try to be there, and am happy to play whatever. In case that nobody GMs (which is somewhat unlikely), I can hop in as a substitute.

I’ll be there. May have something to run, but no guarantee.

Sadly, i can’t come. Exams are taking a heavy toll right now…

i’m not sure yet wether i’ll be there or not

I’ll be there this time and can presumably run something. Hmm … Star Wars? Horror? Fantasy?

Hmm …

I’ll be there. :smiley:

I will be there tonight.

Unfortunately something came up. I won’t be able to make it :frowning: anyway, have fun guys

hope all of you have fun today, but i’m too tired to show up

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