Thursday 21-03 Spielbar

Hello adventurers

Anybody interested in another Thursday game?

I just got my hands on a preview version of the rules for an new edition of Prawlers and Paragons.
It is a super hero game that should be kick-started in a few months…

Until then I got a test adventure and 4 pre gens to try the game And I’ll try to get it ready by Thursday if people are interested

Sounds great, will be there!

I’ll be there too

Four-color? Rules light? I’m in!

(Also, if even the nichest of niche games is kickstarting a new edition, this little hobby of ours is in serious trouble.)

See you tomorrow!

I should be able to make it but may be a little late.

I don’t think that it is particularly rule light…

Well, that’s what the publisher calls it …

can I join today or is it limited to the 4 pre gens

I have only 4 pre gens and no rules to create more… :frowning:

But I won’t turn away a player.
I’ll contact the maker and ask him he has more pre gens available. Otherwise, I’ll print mtiple copies and you guys can run the same character multiple times…

it’s ok next time

No worries.
I got a 5th one…

ahh ok also when does this start ?

It should start approx in 30-40 mins in Spielbar, but don’t worry being late - even our GM isn’t there yet

I should be there in 20mins

Thanks for tonight’s game guys!

Here is the link to the kickstarter :

This page also contain a download link for the kickstarter rules and the adventure I used… It’s good stuff!

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