Thursday 19/11/2015- 19h30

Alright people, time to schedule yet another exciting instalment of our weekly dice-enabled extravaganza!

I offer to prepare some kind of dungeon crawl; if people are interested…

I should be there this time, and if we need a second game I can run a pirate game

I will be there.

Be an honor.

Not sure if I can make it, but I’d certainly be in on a Simon-ish dungeon crawl.

It’s most likely I’ll make it too. Though not 100%sure.

I should be there too.

I won’t be, I have returned from Berlin but I’m competing in the Science Slam tonight. Boo, scheduling conflicts.

I’m coming, finally after a long time. See you later!

Won’t make it today
but I hope I will be there next week : )

I have a thing earlier this evening, so I’ll be cutting it a bit close. Hope to get there around 8. See you then!

I also won’t likely be there until 8ish, however, I have no goofy video to distract you with. I apologise.

I don’t think I could make it before 9:30 today. So don’t count me in. Also no video - sorry. Wait, here’s a picture

Great fun!

Don’t you love it when you come up with a crazy plan for your characters, and somebody at the table knows all the repercussions because they’ve actually done this in real life? And massive bonus points if explosives are involved …

I’m just still impressed that you lot managed to destroy the entire city…

Urban renewal!