Thursday - 19/04


I am planning on making to the Spielbar this week.
I will of course be able to run something and, while I am not necessarily promising an actual prepared game, who knows, stranger things have been known to happen…

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Well, I hope my attendance shall raise awareness about this game and many more players (or maybe even an additional DM?) join to our ranks on Thursday

Well… That’s a lot of crickets (and a dwarven cleric)…

I guess; unless we get a few confirmation before tomorrow, the game will have to be postponed…

I should be able to make it tomorrow.

I’ll try and come with something to run just in case

I plan on being there tonight.

if i have never played with you guys would i be able to join today ?

Yes, we are always happy to see new faces at the table! Please join us tonight.

I’m coming too.

when would you usually start

As @Jason says, we are happy to see new people - the Thursday games are one-shot games so are good for just showing up. A note on that week’s forum thread that you will be there (as you have done) is a good idea so that we have enough games (although we usually just force @Simon to come up with a game on the spot it with we need another game).

We usually try to meet sometime between 7pm and 8pm (we often say 7, with the knowledge we definitely won’t start before 7.30, and are unlikely to start before 8).

OK, change of plans here.
I have been volunteered to work until 9 or 10 tonight…
You guys enjoy yourselves!

hey philip told me you are planning to run a new 5e game, would you consider me ?
also sorry i dont know any other way of contacting you .

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