Thursday 19-02-12. Open gaming at the Spielbar- 19h30

So, who can make it?

I’d like to run the introductory scenario from “All flesh must be eaten” (Spoiler alert: It is a zombie game. They actually recommend not mentioning it and springing the Z-boys by surprise, but that seems unwise to me…)

Sign up , sign up - The game comes up with 6 pre-gens…

Sounds good! But how did you manage to post this from the future?

Would love to, but considering the amount of work piling up on my desk I doubt that I’ll be able to attend…

I’ll be there and would love to play unless I’m needed to run another table.

See you Thursday!

I should be there. Think I may be able to twist some arms and pull some favors so I’m not so late. I’m thinking I will be there 8 at the latest hoping for earlier.
Side note my sidekick will be away again due to watching wannabe stick figures trying on what some rich people deem as clothes and walking down a cat walk in ridiculous shoes.

Can make it on Thursday :slight_smile:

yaaaaaaaaay :smiley:

I have an “old” one-shot ready if we are too many people, otherwise I would love to play AFMBE [again^^]

Wont make it again this week, darn work! :frowning:

@Leo, a second table might be a good idea…

Hey guys! I am a newbie here and was wondering if I could join u this Thursday. I’ve been playing RPG for some years (mostly D&D), and moved to Vienna 2 weeks ago. Do you still have some space? Where is this Spielbar? Cheers!

roger that

The SpielBar is in the 8th district; Lederergasse 26
we will be in the back :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great time! I’ll be there!

I will come too. The zombie game sounds great :slight_smile:

I will be there, and I am ready to Zombie.

Sorry, guys, have to cancel even though I really would have loved to play All Flesh.

Have a great time, and catch you next week!