Thursday 18th October, 7pm - Spielbar

For the last few weeks, our normal Thursday open gaming night hasn’t occurred. So, after that brief break, let’s try for a game this week. Who will be there, anyone have anything to run?

If necessary, I’ll may have something to run - either sci-fi (maybe I’ll dig out Stargate SG-1 again), or possibly some Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st or 2nd edition).


Rip van Gridshadow, having woken from his deep slumber, didn’t realize that he had slept for four whole months. Yet the world around him had changed. No longer did his friends arrive at Spielbar on horseback, no longer did they play the games of yore …

So what’s this Warhammer business, anyway, some kind of cheap imitation 5th edition?

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I’d be up for a Stargate game!
But waiting till June is a bit long.

How did that happen! I’m blaming autocorrect (or maybe the forum proposing titles) and definitely NOT my incompetence - now fixed.

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I’ll be there - both games fit for me

Edit: sorry guys, something came up, I can’t make it tomorrow night.
Have fun!

Working hypothesis.

Also, I’m frustratingly 50/50 for tomorrow. Thing at 5, unsure when it’ll break. Probably best to plan without me.

Well with S_journ bailing on us and a Schrödinger’s H, I guess things are slightly understaffed with Scott and myself.
Maybe another time then!

if this is not happening today, please make sure that somebody calls Spielbar to cancel the reservation to make their lives a bit easier

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