Thursday 15/03



Anybody wants to meet up for a Spielbar game this Thursday?


Definitely, although 15th is Friday (you probably thought about 14th, didn’t you?)

(Question: shall this session include depth and water?)


This one here would liketo join




In. We need a game? Could run something if desired.



I’ll be there too


Ok, it was a bit touch and go, but I should be able to attend.

I had no particular plans, but, sure, I can start working on Project Lituites.

I’ll bring some pre-gen but feel free to bring some character sheets of your own. Level 4; let’s say.


Sometging has come up and I can’t make it. Hopefully next week.


I’ll be there


What system are we talking about here?




I will be prototyping a dungeon


Wait, why do you have a sad face for 5th ed? I thought that was my line?
Prototyping as in something to be published? Looking forward to it. See you tonight!


I would like to come if there is still room


something came up for me, sorry.
see ya next time! :slight_smile:


I am on my way.

I prepared a few character sheets

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