Thursday 14th June, 7pm - Spielbar

So, who can make it tomorrow night?

I may have something I can run, anyone else have anything?

Hope we can continue our nice beach holiday. But I’ll be there either way :smiley:

Finally I should be in Vienna on a Thursday night again. I might be a bit late (because I’ll only get back to Vienna some time tomorrow) but I’ll be there.

I’m still a noob though, my total number of games played so far is 2. But let’s make that 3 tomorrow :smiley:

I’ll be there!

Also, a few of us will be meeting early to catch the game at Secret Noodle Place. Feel free to join - it’s always fun!

SNP is at the corner of Arne Carlsson Park, 5 min from Spielbar. Don’t tell anyone, because it’s like wicked secret and stuff.

See you there!

(If it rains, we’ll most likely head to WUK.)

I‘m in.

I will be there too.

Hey guys, long time. I should be able to make it.
@H what time?

So I just found out that I have to work tonight. So I won’t make it (again). But hopefully I can be there next week.

7? Maybe we can actually get an early start this week …

I meant at SNP

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