Thursday 12/11/2015- 19h30

So, what is being played? Who wants to DM?

I will have a loooong day on Thursday, so I may have to leave early…

I’ll be there and can probably DM something if nobody else wishes to do so.

How many people will be coming? I’ve had an idea for a mystery for three players running through my head, but could just as easily prepare (yes, using the term loosely) something for a bigger group.

Roll call?

I will be there and I hope than one day I’m able to say I can “easily prepare something” if necessary ^^

I should be there. I have a mystery game prepared for min of 5 max of 8 players.
Also happy to play.

Well… I’ll be there I guess… (somewhat 80%-ish…)

Sounds like a plan to me.

See you tomorrow!

It will be 50:50, if I can make it today

If I won’t make it, I felt asleep at home.
was quite a week -_-’

I’ll be there, if I can get out of the office, currently having trouble with technology that’s not behaving.

won’t make it today

have fun !!!

Belated thanks to Tom for a fun game! Must have been quite tricky to run.

And apologies to everyone I, er, bumped off. It happens. And it’s not my fault: Tom made me do it. Besides, I had an unhappy childhood. Blame an uncaring society.

In any case, good to see the evildoer get his just desserts and wind up face down in a ditch on the road to Tijuana. Although, come to think of it, this wouldn’t be the first time Victor Jewell plotted a fake death. Hmm …

Better watch your backs!