Thursday - 12/04

Who wants/can make it this week?

Finally got my first set of dice, I’d love to test them out.

I’m joining if we’re running something.

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I plan to come. I could run somthing.

You’ve suggested Savage World a few weeks ago?
But independently from the game, I’ll be there tonight.

I’m gonna be there.

Do you mean me? The danish guy (sorry forgot his name) talked about Savage World. I would run “Lasers and Feelings”, a very simple system with a star trek like setting.

I‘ll be there most likely. Perhaps with something old school to run if needed.

OK, then if Dingwall duties are taken care of, I’ll probably skip this one out.
If have some mapping to do before my next game…

Sorry I can‘t come after all. Kid has an emergency visit to doctor this evening.

Ill be there too :wink:

Hello !

it was my first time doing a Pen&Paper today and it was pretty fun. First of all id like to thank again all the other participants for letting me join so spontaneously. Im new to this but wanted to try it out since a couple of weeks and if i have time im planning to show up more often to these weekly thursdays as from now on, of course only if thats fine for the other players here.

Additionally we spoke a bit about longer P&P’s wich are called Campaigns and can go from several months to even years. While im not quite sure of how long i can/want to join such an event id definitely would be very interested in trying that out, the DnD setting looked like fun, though that rulebook of the basics (!) looks a little intimidating ^^. Something like a steampunk environment/dystopic future surely also would work great for example, dont know what you guys think of that, im pretty open-minded regarding the setting though. Anyhow, ive seen you got a newcomer thread here too where i might also just copy/paste this for clarity.

Thanks and by the way i forgot to introduce myself in the Spielbar, my name is Stephan

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You don’t need to memorize all the content to get familiar with the basics. :wink:
I’m guessing you played 5th edition D&D - there is a starter set with basic rules and everything. It’s around 20 bucks and much less intimidating (and you can find it very easily @PlanetHarry or amazon)

For example:
Dark dystopian future:

That’s the spirit you need. Just visit a couple more Thursday games and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

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Another fun night, thanks Xerdor for awesome adventure! :smile:

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