Thursday 1 Feb Spielbar

So who is coming to Spielbar this Thursday?

I’ll be there and can run something if desired. There’s a little CoC thing I’ve been meaning to inflict on you …

Also happy to sit back and play, of course. Who else will be there?

See you tomorrow!.

I’ll be there. CoC would be cool :slight_smile:

I’m gonna make a rare visit (will be more frequent soon) and never played CoC, but always wanted to.


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I would also like to join. I’m new in Vienna and have never played CoC before, but also always wanted to try it out :smiley:

(I have heard great things about CoC. If I don’t get through at least 3 chars in my first session, due to insanity or death, I shall be mightily disappointed ^^)

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Well, H is known for killing PCs. :laughing:
Just saying …

Sounds great, I’ll be there!

That‘s six so far. We might need another GM … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello, i am new at this forum and never played a Pen and Paper Rpg befor. I would like to join a game tomorrow (at what time do they start?).

I will be there as well. CoC sounds “insanely” great! :wink:

I will take two friends with me, if thats possible…

Starting time?

Starting time would be around 7pm. With 10 people we definitely need another GM

if i wasn’t so tired at the moment i could promise to be there and bring a d&d 5e one shot … or my nwod one … but currently i’m not sure wether i’ll be there

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I’ll be there too most likely :smiley:

I am planning on being there

I’m there!

I`ll be there, too.
@Simon as we might need a second (or even a third?) game, can you run an one-shot tonight?

Hey guys, I won’t manage tonight, too much to do still at my new workplace. I will plan a bit better in advance next time I’m in Vienna, which will be around end of February to beginning of March, and see you then - have a great time tonight!

ok i think i’ll be able to come and run something today … i’m not feeling as dead today as i expected :smiley:

Lies & slander!

Also, should anybody want to see for themselves just how libelous this claim is, printing out half a dozen of these would be terribly appreciated and would earn you a whole bunch of karma points, if this were only a game that uses karma points.

Thanks, and see you in a bit!