Thu Sept 8, 02016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Who’s in this week?

I have a thing earlier and will probably only show up around 8. Anybody running something that can accommodate a late straggler? Alternatively, if you don’t mind the wait, I can run something Call of Cthulhu-ish then. Shouldn’t need all that much time to drive everyone insane, anyway …

I should be there, depending on how quickly my muse helps me write the presentation for Sunday.

I should be there, maybe a little late.

I’ll be there too.

I’m not sure yet - depends on the weather

I am planning on being there.
I don’t have anything prepared but I can always run something. I am sure I can even convolute it into accommodating drop ins…

Hell, that just gave an idea…

Well, let me know what you guys would rather do. No sense in two people preparing something.

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it this week… conflicting (non-lasagna related) plans, but I want to say I full intend to return again at some point.

Now let’s not start that again :laughing:

H, since you said you’re preparing something and Simon would be making it up as he goes along (not that he’s not good at that!), why don’t we go with yours as Plan A and let Simon unleash the monkeys if too many people show up…

Henry Higgins!

(Starts crossing out all the Dwaynes in the manuscript …)

Thanks for a fun evening, all!

Of course!