Thu Sept 7 2017, Spielbar 7pm (Open Gaming Night)

Who is going to be there this week?

Anyone have anything planned?

I’ll be there, could run something if desired.

I’ll be there too

I should be there as well.

I may well be there too and drag a new victim along.

If you’re offering H could you run dread?

If I come, that makes 7, which is too many for one game. Is anyone besides @H ok to run something? (I can maybe come up with something Cthulhu, if people want).

Note: “something Cthulhu” = “Cthulhu” and I’d really need to know by tomorrow at the latest, as I have GM’d ONCE and it was, er, something Cthulhu.

And if @H is going to run dread, that makes him the only one there the LAST time I GM’d (since @Simon is out of the country), so in that case, I could just run the same one. Which means I would need less notice.

If necessary I could also run something

Maybe, but probably not. Sorry. The last time we played was a real stinker. The game took a slapstick turn early and never recovered. I love Dread and we’ve had some fantastic games here (the classic D&D dungeon, the one where Thopthes pushed the tower over, etc.), but until I can figure out how to do a better job of DMing it, I think it’s for the best to put a reprise on hold.

In any case, I can happily run something for six if desired. Call of Cthulhu A historical investigation is certainly an option, or we could re-run last week’s crime-themed games (if grid doesn’t object,) which are designed for larger groups.

If you want to run something instead, Siobhan, that’s cool, too. I promise not to act on any prior knowledge, especially about the cybernetic werewalrus.

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I don’t mind if you rerun the games from last week.

Uhm. See. Around 11pm last night, I realized that it WAS Wednesday, and not Tuesday, as I had thought. Which means I am grateful for the reprieve.

That sounds fabulous. As do last week’s games, which I missed.

Just as an FYI, Thopthes will be running the first of his Pathfinder onesies for a mix of complete tabletop newbies and moderately experienced players (none of which have played earlier than 5E). (I’m 90% sure of the veracity of the last parenthetical statement). Be kind.

Is this a regular weekly meet? I’ve refereed many systems over the last forty years but only just found this group.


It is indeed. We started for English-speakers who wanted to find groups they could play with among the multitude of German-speaking groups (I had one store out and out laugh at me at the thought that any of their gamers would want to play in English), and thanks to @Neil, @Simon, and @H, it grew from there. You’ll see a Thursday post every week, feel free to drop in. If you plan to come tonight, though, let me know now, and I’ll drag out a Cthulhu scenario. I think 7 players might be a bit much for even @H to handle. And he’s one of the best DM’s we have.

Unless YOU are willing to run something last minute, of course.

This is also a good forum for finding other groups. Right now we have 3 5E groups and 2 Pathfinder groups that all started in the last couple of months. The 2 PF groups are one-shots for now, but are willing to grow if we/they like it.

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I’ll come with my scenario and character sheets, if we decide we need 2 groups.

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