Thu Sept. 28, 02017, Spielbar 7pm (Open Gaming Night)

It’s September 26 - 10:17 tonight marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of Wyndham’s Dayout!

But even if there’s a repeat today, we should all be fully awake again in time for Thursday’s games. Who’s coming? Who’s running?

I have a little something we could play, possibly of the Call of Cthulhu persuasion, if desired. But as always, equally happy to just kick back and play.

See you Thursday!

I’ll be there and up for anything. The Thoptes Pathfinder group should be there as well.

Yes, I’ll be running a Pathfinder introduction for @BSBSTK+friend, @Siobhan, @Simon and @BUprof (+@Icewind if he still wants to).
If there won’t be any other ppl around on Thursday, you’re welcome to join our PF game, H! Although I guess I already know the answer :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Pathfinder has no version number. Isn’t that the criteria?

Thanks - may well take you up on the offer!

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Actually, that’s just shorthand for a 128-page list including such entries as:

  • In Monster Manual, must include ‘(Sumatran)’ after ‘Rat, Giant’†

Incidentally, did anybody else catch this on ORF yesterday and chuckle?

See you tonight!

† You may think this is a silly, even immersion-breaking thing, but it does have some significance.‡

‡ Yeah, I’m kidding. Well, sort of.

My husband caught that and we giggled.

I’m coming, too!


Close call this time. Just caught the last subway ;). Anyways nice game with some surprise guests :slight_smile:

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Thans again, Thopthes - great fun!

Also, three dice were recovered from the monster’s corpse: a red d4 and two grayish d20s. If they’re yours, drop me a line.

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THAT’S MY d4! I only have 4, and the next night at another game, I realized I suddenly only had 3.

Four little d4s going out to sea; a red herring swallowed one, and then there were three …

Nobody willing to admit to owning gray d20s?

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If they are orphans I’ll give them a loving home :innocent:

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