Thu Sept 21 2017, Spielbar 7pm (Open Gaming Night)

Hey, all. We already had @Thurlac offer to run “Jorune, Space 1889, Harn or Traveller if anyone is interested”, and is bringing his wife. So that’s 3, including me. Anyone else planning to drop in? Anyone else want to run something?

I’d like to change the perspective and give DMing a try :smiley:
Warhammer Fantasy in particular ^^


I might actually make it this week… If that didn’t just jinx it…

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How much is Warhammer Fantasy like Warhammer? What’s behind the question, is it a strategy & tactics game?

It’s a regular p&p system set in the world of the tactics game, so nothing fancy

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No moving armies?


Ok, I’ve got a Hausgemacht Traveller Orbital 2100 scenario that we could get through in a night.
Works with two players, can accommodate a couple more.

Characters already pregenerated (and for Traveller hardcore players, yes, they survived character gen!)

Orbital 2100, for those not familiar with it, is a TL9 setting in the solar system before the discovery of Jump Technology or anti grav. An alternative universe in which the NASA Strategic Exploration Initiative was not nixed by Congress in 1989 and some of the promises of breaking out into the solar system have become true.

It begins with the crew of the CSV Memorial operating as a cargo hauler travelling to their home port of 243 Ida from Mars after dropping off various refined ores and returning with a hold of nitrogen salts and machinery. Then the crew encounters an old friend…

What time do people normally arrive?

The goal is 7. We try to start no later than 7:30. We succeed about 57%* of the time. I am usually there earlier, because reasons involving my relationship with public transportation.

*This is based on careful observation & tracking, and is in NO WAY a number I pulled out of my ass.

no problem. We work in the 23rd so will mosy on over to Lederergasse. Depending on traffic we’ll be there well before 7.

I’m generally not there before 8, though I’m ok with jumping into an already-progressing game as long as it doesn’t disturb anyone else already playing.

73.8% of all casually referenced statistics are made up on the spot, so in my professional* opinion I think you’re pretty safe!

*I am not a professional.

Sure you are! You have a job, right? Therefore, you are TOTALLY a professional with an opinion.

No moving armies :smiley:

I am going to try and make it. First timer. Used to play Warhammer Fantasy RPG about 25 years ago. Not the type with all those tabletop figures. Just a p&p and dice game. That what’s on offer?

Hi all,

May join this Open Gaming Night? Would be my first one since I joined the forum :slight_smile:

Do I have to bring something? Books? Battle horses?


Open Gaming Night means exactly that. All are welcome. Even people who eat broccoli for dinner :smirk:

  1. Pen or pencil & paper are generally useful. Dice, but I have forgotten my dice on more than one occasion, and there are always plenty of people willing to share (but I’m also usually handing out pens when I come)

  2. DEFINITELY battle horses.

Thanks for the reply. About the horses, lets see how is the parking around the bar, Vienna is getting rough.

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@Oddly Ed: there are a couple of characters that can be activated in the scenario if you’re coming late.

Thanks! I usually get out of the house between 7:30-8 by the time the kids are in bed, but I only live about a 10 minute walk away, so I likely won’t be later than 8.

You mean for the horse trailer, right? Because the battle horses clearly come INSIDE.