Thu Sept 15, 2016, Spielbar 7h30pm (open gaming night)

Hello adventurers!

Who want/can join our weekly game?

I believe that H wanted to run some (truly) old fashioned D&D…

DnD Sounds really nice, but I cant say for shure if I can come. I am running a DND campaign myself on thursday afternoon and I dont know when we finish. If I can manage I will join on short notice.

Sign me up :slight_smile:

Should make it this week!

Count me in this week!

I will be there by 8 or a little after again, I hope that doesn’t cause too much disruption. A friend of mine may also be joining.

I’ll be there.

By the way, there’s another medieval fair on this weekend at Schloss Neugebäude in Vienna - smaller than Eggenburg, but this one has the advantage of being free! I’m going because my friend’s band is playing there. If anyone wants to join me, let me know. :slight_smile:

I should be there.

Remember that one time I said I’ll make it this week?
Let’s pretend it never happened.

I sadly won’t be joining you this week, I will be still playing at this time…I hope I can manage next week :wink:

That can be arranged …

See you in a bit!

Not tonight, dears, I have a headache…

Sorry, won’t make it after all - it’s been that kind of week.

Never. Split. The. Party.

Also, who brings a pig with them on a dungeon crawl? :wink:

Thanks -H- for a classic game!

The pig still hasn’t told me where that treasure is… :imp:

Big thanks for the evening -H-, I’ve had easier wake-ups than this morning… :confused:

Don’t laugh at the pig! He is a more seasoned explorer than any of us…

Yes, but only because somebody sprinkled herbs and spices on him …

Speaking of food, somebody forgot to pay for a toast. If that rings any bells, see me after class.

Thanks for a fun evening!