Thu Sept 14 2017, Spielbar 7pm (Open Gaming Night)

Whos’all coming? Whos’all running Grimm? cough @H cough. Yes? No? Unnameable horror from 17-dimensional space?

Mmm … could be. :slight_smile:

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I’m coming!

I’ll be there :smiley:

Well, I can’t miss out on Grimm, can I?

Coming + friend

I’ll be there if nothing comes up. I can also run a game I’ve been building, however I need a minimum of 6 players but can handle 9 (6 or 8 is preferable). The game is meant to be a mix of role playing and tactics with groups of 2 that can change up the roles per turn should it be desired. I can post the rules as an attachment and if there is interest I’d be happy to run/moderate the game.

I just need to figure out how I can attach a pdf

The Art of War.pdf (147.7 KB)

Found it!

I’ll be there.

I may have something I can run if necessary (but I’ll defer to @GodKingTom and @H).

If it’s ok, I am not really up for that. I absolutely suck at strategy & tactics games, I just don’t have the patience. “JUST CHARGE ALREADY” is how it usually ends up.

But I’ll gladly watch and enjoy the company. Just don’t count me as one of your 6.

I’ll be coming too

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All right, do me a favor if you could and remind me who’s played Grimm with me before? I know Thopthes played the first one with the butterfly nets and the bunnies and all that, for example. Anybody play the one with the carnival?

I intend to be there as well. I’m open for both games, although I might have played with @H (if that game is the Jenga based one?

Just charge already is a viable tactic, you’d certainly catch me off guard. Well I’d just like to say that the tactics and strategy is just part of the game and you’ll be working in a team. Also the game does heavily rely on role playing as talking with the other groups can make the difference between being crushed and surviving another round.
Nonetheless we’ll see if the others can run something to cover everyone first and if so I’ll join in and run another time.

Not me! I REALLY want to play Grimm!

Put me on a team with a chess master* and I’m great. Put me on a team with two, and I’ll get bored while they argue shit way over my head and either go behind their backs and charge or wander off to watch another game. I REALLY suck.

*insert Go or Warhammer or Axis & Allies or whatever here.

Nope. Grimm is a game about kids - around 12 years old, say - and fairy tales. No funky towers (except the Rapunzel kind), just plain old dice (d6s). It’s that oddest of unicorns, a Fantasy Flight game without any expansions. It’s also a pretty fun game, with a great premise and a decent system.

(Hmm … I may actually have lent my copy to someone, so we might play a streamlined version tonight, ruleswise. Oh yes, and if some superhero coud print out a few of these, 'twould be much appreciated. Thank you.)

We’ve played it a few times here - I think the last was a year and a half ago. I promised then to re-re-run tonight’s scenario at some point, so here goes. It’s a story about a group of kids at the end of a summer in small-town America (which may or may not be Green Town, Illinois). There’ll be things going on on several different levels for players who like that sort of thing to spot - from references to Ray Bradbury and Beatrix Potter to music and Jungian imagery - but basically, it’ll be an adventure yarn with - hopefully - a strong focus on the characters. In other words, the usual hopeless mess scrawled on the back of an envelope.

But with fluffy bunnies.

I’ll be there too and bring some of those character sheets.

You had me at “Nope.”

I printed out a few of the character sheets as well.