Thu Sep 1 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

So, who is going to be there this week.

While looking through my bookshelf I found the Stargate SG-1 RPG (d20/Spycraft system). It suits one-shot adventures well, so I’ll try run a game of it this week. The adventure will be set late Season 1/early Season 2 - so knowledge of SG-1 wont be necessary. I’ll probably try to pregen characters, so some idea of the number of players would be good.


I’ll be there.

Happy to run something if there’s a multi-table crowd. The Keep on the Borderlands offer is still valid …

See you on Thursday!

I should be there, I can DM or play anything… The keep sounds fun…

I’d like to come again this week! Seems like we’ve already got several offers to run games, but just to put this on the table: I could also run a play test of a dungeon I’ve designed for my Pathfinder group if people feel like being guinea pigs. :wink:

Hey guys!

I will probably manage to drop by this week :slight_smile: And of course I’m totally in to play something!

See you Thursday :wink:

That does sound fun. And I haven’t been on the playing side of a PF game in quite some time (the group I DM for just finished a 4 years campaign last Friday…)

No! Don’t make me decide between Pathfinder and Stargate!

Choose and perish!

Actually, I can always run The Clockwork Catacombs another week… I’m still new to RPGVienna and I’m not 100% confident about GMing a game on my 2nd week at game night.

Plus, it might be better to play test it with my regular players first and then run it with you guys. It’d undoubtedly go smoother the second time and be more likely to finish in a single session (which isn’t a concern for the ongoing game).

One Stargate table, then?

I’ll be there this time, provided we get back from Carnuntum in time.

I have 6 characters pre-gen’d so that should be fine.

Although, I’m not sure about a Stargate table - I mean, we lose enough dice as it is without a wormhole.

I’ll be very late, or might not make it at all from what it looks like. :confused:

I’ve made the mistake of coming home first rather than going directly from work out on the town… and I’ve failed my Will save vs. lasagna… so I won’t be joining you this week. :frowning:

Sorry folks.

Thanks for the game Scott! I hope we didn’t drive you too crazy…

Yeah thanks Scott, I had a lot of fun :slight_smile: Although I would have loved to continue playing with those Ma’Tok Staffs :wink: