Thu Oct. 6, 02016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Bla bla Thursday bla bla Spielbar bla bla eggplant bla bla games.

Who’s coming? Who’s running?

Sadly have to pass this time too, have some exams this and next week :frowning:

I might be there, will confirm or deny closer to the day. If so, it will be at 8 or soon thereafter. If nobody has anything else to run and doesn’t mind waiting for me to get there, I would be fine with running a game for anyone who wants to partake in some luchadore mayhem. However, until my attendance is more definite, I wouldn’t recommend relying purely on me.

Not sure if I can make it this week, have another thing going on just before and don’t know how long it’ll go.

I’ll be there

ill be there too.

Unfortunately I will not make it this week. Hopefully next week.

ill try to make it till 7 but chances are it will be 8. work came up…

I’m coming

count with my Axe!!! for first time!!! yepaaaa

Bummer. All right, in that case, should I prepare something? Another gridshadowy mystery would also hit the spot, of course …

I might be able to pop by this week!
After… how long has it been? - a decade? How long is a decade?..

See you there!

I could probably come up with something if you want.

Excellent, thanks!

Just pencil me in as the killer …