Thu November 9th, 2017, Spielbar 7pm

So, who is going to be there this week? Anyone have anything planned to run?

I have a couple of ideas if necessary.

I’ll be there.

I think I’ll be there.

I will very happily be there, and play pretty much anything that is on the table.

On an unrelated note, has anybody maybe picked up or seen my cap at the bar? I left it there last time and only now realized…

I’ll be there, too!

Please note that as always I will be there closer to 8.

That’s fine.

Gives me some time to actually write a plot.

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Meh, why bother, you know we’ll ruin it anyway.

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Late but still coming. See you in a few

Thanks again for the game, Scott!

It was great, I had a fun time :smile:

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