Thu November 16th, 2017, Spielbar 7pm

I know I’m early to the party, but who will be there? Does anybody know of any plans that they might have to run something? :smile:

I will probably be there. I generally prefer to play, particularly due to the fact that I’m never there before 8, but if necessary I can run something silly and violent.

I’ll also be there this week. Can run something if desired.

I will be there. I’ve missed the last two weeks & am critically jonesing.

I am planning on being there too

If somebody is interested, I can run a quick adventure of my own making. I do not however have a printer, which could complicate the whole character creation a bit…

I should be there.

I should be there.

i should be there
@Cookie if you need something printed, i can print it for you

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I should be able to come, and I’ll bring some friends.

I don’t know how well my system might work, and how many people i can accommodate, but I’d be happy to try!

I’ll hit you up regarding the printing, thank you! :smile:

Hmmmm, looks like I’ll be able to make it this week :slight_smile:

I’ll be there. Most likely

@everyone: I will run something for up to 5 people, after that it gets a bit exhausting for everyone, boring even.
I hope you all are prepared to be my guinea pigs :wink:

Sounds like two tables, maybe even three. I’ll prep a little something.

If there are enough late joiners I can try running Roll For Shoes. Otherwise, please someone save me a seat for when I get in at 8!

I’ll be a little late too, didn’t catch the right Bimm…

I hope you all had a good time!
Sorry again that I had to cut your adventure a little short, I hope it still was fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks H for introducing me to Cthulu and driving me mad. Was a bläst!

Cookie, your homebrew looked really interesting. Maybe we play that in our group?

I had fun, the system looks interesting, but i think it needs some more work - especially in the balancing department.
Also: death to all gnolls, there are no innocent ones!

[edit] PS: i’ve been at work for almost 3 hours now, still not truly awake though :stuck_out_tongue: [/edit]