Thu May 5, 02016, 7pm, Spielbar


Chylli has offered to run a second session in Narnia, which should be great fun again. Will we all fit at one table, or will we need a second game?

See you on Thursday!

Yup, I will bring the Narnia stuff.

Chylli Quinzell

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    *choo choo * <— I have a bad feeling about this.

See you on Thursday, fellows!


I’ll be there

I’ll take 5 players max. Though I’d prefer 3 or 4. If there are many late announcements and surprise appearances, someone else should prepare something. I’ll take the first players to appear unless Flora or Ed are coming, for I kinda owe them from last time.
I’ll also bring the characters from last time.

Last but not least, since tomorrow is a holiday I’ll be in early (around 6ish) for character creation (and building).

I’ll be there probably early, sorry for the late announcement :slight_smile:

Hi all, unfortunatly I cannot join also today, my Uncle and my Ant are visiting me…
Have great fun with Narnia and see you all next week!



Looks like I won’t be going through the wardrobe with you today, after all. Sorry to miss it; last time was great fun.

Have a great time, everyone, and see you next week!

same here.

I have had a cold since last week… It’s not really going away and I do not feel like braving the elements…

Get well soon all sick people.

And recover fast from any mental injuries I may have caused people who had to deal with the x-files narnia crossover.