Thu May 25, 2017, Spielbar 7:30 pm (open gaming night)

So, who can make it this week? Who can DM?

Normally, this week is supposed to our next 5th Ed game…

Well as I said I’m in Croatia this week, so I unfortunately won’t make it

Ok… Then we should propably postpone the game?
Next week is already called for but maybe the week after that?

Maybe next week on another day of the week?
And did someone find anything else than the spielbar where we could play?

If we need a game other than the 5th edition campaign, I can run something. I have a little noir scenario for four in mind, probably using A Dirty World, which I liked a whole lot more than expected when we tried it last year.

Or we could return to Aventuria if there’s more interest in the Schwarze Auge.

See you Thursday!

We could move the game to another day too… When are you leaving to Croatia, Lade?

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I should be back by saturday

I’ll be there this Thursday.

Regarding 5th ed: I’m afraid next week I’m going abroad for 1.5 weeks. So I’ll be gone from the 30th to June 11th. I think my character is in a perfect place to go missing for a session or two - so might not be that big of a problem if you play without me?

Alright, time for a poll to decide when our next session of Lost Mine of Phandelver will be…

If it is more convenient, I could always run a one shot of something, maybe another D&D5 game on Thursday instead…

I will be there this Thursday.

I would still be interested in a DSA setting, since I haven’t been there last time, but any other game is totally fine for me - if we DO play a D&D5 game, maybe I could throw in some of my other character ideas… we’ll see.

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I probably won’t be there, becouse I’m away for the long weekend.

Ok then, with two regular out the 5th Ed. campaign is postponed…

I don’t really have anything else ready but I can probably improvise something…

I try to be there. Simon, you mentioned earlier a Mutants and Masterminds game (if I recall it correctly) - don’t you want to run it tomorrow?

I’ll probably drop by and also bring a friend who never played before, so be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Parsley, post:10, topic:1950, full:true”]I would still be interested in a DSA setting, since I haven’t been there last time
Can do if desired. So whatg’s the plan?

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All righty …

Looks like two tables tonight since there will probably be 8 of us, barring late cancellations. At one of them, I’d like to run A Dirty World.

We first played A Dirty World in this group last summer, and I was quite surprised by how well it worked. The resolution system is based on neither skill nor story, but on character. It plays better than it sounds, and is probably my second-favorite indie game.

The scenario will probably be a little Block-inspired noir tale set in the late 50s/early 60s. Three or four players. D10s if you have them; the official character sheet is here should anybody want to print some up.

[quote=“MrBeerBear, post:14, topic:1950, full:true”]
… so be nice :P[/quote]

Well, that goes without saying.

(All right, who snickered?)


Printed 5 sheets. Though not from your link, since we all know how it ended last time with cthulu, when I trusted the resolution…

See you later!

Much obliged. Guess that means I actually have to prepare that scenario now.

Oh yes, one more thing: you’ll probably want to play with pencils and erasers instead of pens tonight.

See you later!

I may join

Hello guys, sorry for the late notice but I don’t think that I’ll be able to make it tonight