Thu May 19, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Still not sure, when I’m back from Carinthia…

Most likely, I will make it… not quite 100% but close…

I can run something.
Not sure what yet… Conspiracy X or D&D5 are definitely runners up. I would still need to prepare something…

I should be able to make it this week as well.

Edit: Yeah, yeah…nope…not today

I could most definitely swing by on thursday. Is there still a chance to attend to the fantasy game, mentioned by Simon last week?

Should be able to join you fine folks.
And should have a game on hand if needed.

I’ll be there as well, but will probably arrive around 8.

By request, the fantasy campaign will kick off next Thursday. Full details forthcoming.

Happy to run something this week, too, if desired, either a 1920s investigation, wink wink, or a little indie-ish game I’ve been with and would like to test drive at some point. Just let me know so I can prepare an envelope …

See you tomorrow!

I thought I wasn’t going to but I should make it.

Looks like I’ll drop by around ten(ish). Anyone up for an after gaming drink?
I’m pretty sure I’ll need one.

I should be there tonight, depending on when I leave work.

Hi all,
sorry, this time I can´t make it…see you next week!


I should be able to swing by around 8 o’clock :slight_smile:

Well crap, I got interrupted and will be extremely late.
You guys please start with something before that.

Only just got home, will probably not make it. Sorry!

Nope. Failed my will save for putting on shoes. See you, uh… Actually, I’ll not be there next week, and will be working in England for 2-3 weeks after that, so see you when I get back!

Much thanks to the Supreme Simon (stage magician names are the theme) for running a really fun game last second and putting up with “us”. (This being the royal “we” or the plural “we” will be left to the reader’s personal interpretation)
Have a good rest of the week, fellows.

Many thanks for the game, Simon! And apologies for the not always entirely topical commentary …

Many thanks Simon, for the great game last night and the opportunity to play a dragonborn scholar, interested in human mating rituals and in the taste of human flesh. It was major fun!

Come to think of it, this is the first time I experienced -H- as a player. Truly a force to be reckoned with.


Do not mingle in the affairs of Dragon(born)s, for you are crunchy and taste excellent with ketchup!


I had a lot of fun, personally!