Thu May 18, 2017, Spielbar 7:30 pm (open gaming night)

Hello guys,

What the plan for this week?

Black eye?

Sure, I can run something if desired.

Thu April 18, 2017, Spielbar 7:30 pm (open gaming night)

Oh no it is a game from the past! Run!

I should be able to make it this week.

I’ll be there and would love to give it a try to “Der schwarze Auge”.

Off: The game will be on May 18

I should be able to make it too - and DSA sounds great.

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I should be there.

If there is space I fancy trying Der schwarze Auge

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Well, the schwarzen Augen is AD&D based, isn’t it?

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Is everyone who is coming this week interested in the Schwarze Auge? This is the sort I thing I wouldn’t want to run if anybody has misgivings.

The scenario I’m planning on inflicting on you will be very old school, and will have plenty of warts. I think it’s quite interesting, especially in light of what the game later became (and I’d like to run some of DSA’s later scenarios at some point as well to showcase that), but I can understand if somebody doesn’t care for that sort of thing. It might be a bit like reading Tintin in the Land of the Soviets …

That said, I think we can have a lot of fun with this. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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I should be able to make it. Yay, Das Schwarze Auge :slight_smile:

I’ll be there! Would love to play Das Schwarze Auge if there’s room.

Seems like I won’t make it afterall - have fun guys!

I’ll be there and happy to join the “Das Schwarze Auge” game if there’s still some space for me. :slight_smile:

Wicked good.

If you’re bringing dice, you’ll want a d20 (black is traditional) and a couple d6s (white, with pips). Oh, and I might be a tad late, say 7:45ish.

See you at the Sign of the Black Boar!

Well, since so many wanna play DSA I guess I’m gonna skip this one so it won’t be too crowded.

Meh, we could always slice of a rogue table

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