Thu May 12, 2016, 7h30pm, Spielbar

Who is running what?
Who wants to join in?

I can bring the Narnia stuff again. I think I even have a plot.

But I’ll be there 7pm and would start with the first persons to appear.

No problem reserving a spot for someone who is bound by work or family but announcing half past seven leads to starting around half past eight and I’m not too fond of finishing close to (or even past) midnight.

Whoever already has a character: of course I’ll bring them with me too. :wink:

I will try to come but won’t know how late I need to stay at work until it happens so don’t reserve a spot for me.

Super busy week so I can’t commit for certain, but I’m hopeful. Narnia sounds great.

I’m back for this week!

I should be there this week, although I’m still recovering from last weeks trip to Narnia!

I will bring a pre-gen adventure (from a past Free RPG day), so that we have a back-up table if needed…

Don’t worry, no cameos this time, more of a murder mystery.

Hi, I am also in tonight :slight_smile:

Bis bald!

Looking good - I otter be able to make it!

Great I have your book.

I should be there again today, looks like I’m rid of my students!

I’m feeling really under the weather today. I think I’ll make an appearance next week instead. :slight_smile:

Have fun!

I will be there too. Sorry for the late notice. See you later

Thanks a lot for having me. I had a wonderful evening with you guys!

Always good to have a new face around.

Although announcing your appearance in the respective thread beforehand would be a tremendous help to those, preparing stuff to run, taking care for reservation of the table(s) and so on.

I thought I did exactly that, by announcing my appearance to Simon. If there is additional announcing to do, please elaborate, :question:

Usually a thread is opened specifically for that date. A on-line reply within the thread, an we can see if we need further tables, GMs or if everything is just going fine. Basically much like this thread. :slight_smile: