Thu May 04, 2017, Spielbar 19h30 (open gaming night)

Hello guys!

So, who can make it to our weekly game?
Anybody wants to DM something?

I don’t think I’ll make it this time.

I will be there

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I’ll come. If there’s interest, I’d love to run a time-travel game for 3-5 players.

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I’ll be there and I’d love to play a time-travel game - you already have one player, @Aram!

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I probably won’t be there this time. Responsibilitys… :frowning:

Count 2 more People in if it’s ok still , where is it ? And at what time ?


Hello, it is at the Spielbar at 19:30 tomorrow.

Here is a link to Google map to help you find the place.

Thank you,

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See you tomorrow!

Will probably be there.

Won’t make it this week. Have fun!

I’ll drop by aswell :slight_smile:

I will not make it this week. Enjoy, see you next week maybe!

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